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Guilin Veirun Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (also kown as 'VRN dental', 'VRN medical') is located in information industrial park, national high-tech zone. It is a leading manufacturer of dental equipment in China. With 31 years of experience in manufacturing high-end medical equipment, VRN has been relying on strong engineering strength since its involvement in the field of dental equipment manufacturing. Exquisite manufacturing process, always committed to providing dentists with superior performance and better quality treatment equipment.

The company has a first-class technical R&D team in the industry, including overseas students and technical backbones who have worked in the R&D department of Fortune 500 companies for many years. The company has modern production and office space, and implements “6S” management. It uses internal management tools such as OA and ERP for internal control. The company's production and inspection equipment is perfect, ensuring that the quality of products from the feed to the finished product is effectively controlled.

The company has a complete quality management system and passed the most authoritative German TüV Nande audit in the medical device industry, and obtained ISO 13485: 2003/AC: 2007 and CE 0123 certificates. The company's ultrasonic scaler, light curing, dental mobile phone and other products are well-known to the industry users for their first-class performance and excellent quality. They are sold to all provinces and municipalities across the country and exported to more than 80 countries and regions abroad. Widely recognized by customers.

Guilin Veirun Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
No. D-07 Information Industrial Park, National High-Tech Zone, Guilin 541004 Gungxi, P. R. China
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